Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods help to improve your quality of education.


Education is one of the important patterns in life that people seek. Education is key to build a society away from poverty and ignorance. Education helps us in become a useful member of the society and community. An educated person certainly has a greater chance and role to contribute to his or her society positively. You build a good future by having the proper education that satisfice your needs. An educated person has more chances and opportunity of landing up a good high paying job. The more educated a person is, the better career options she or he will have in the future. Parents’ education and income, indirectly impacts on children’s academic achievement through parents’ beliefs and behaviors. Family income and parents ‘ education, data are also related to housing, family size, occupation of family head, presence of the parents, geographic location, mobility, age, sex, and race. Family income may also have a more general effect on children ‘s education since more income should lead to better food and medical care and thus to brighter, more attentive students. Parents and school play an important role in student’s education, however economic class and differences in income level can effect the education a student receives.